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Transcal N

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Heat transfer oil
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Transcal™ N is a high quality mineral oil possessing low vapour-pressure characteristics as well as high levels of thermal stability, specific heat and thermal conductivity. Transcal N is recommended for non-pressurised, closed liquid-phase heating systems operating at bulk-fluid temperatures up to 320ºC, and a maximum film temperature of 340ºC. Such systems are used widely in the food, construction, plastics, timber, oil and gas processing and on ships and where waste heat is extracted from flue gases. Before being commissioned, the system should be pressure tested for leaks and then thoroughly flushed with Transcal N. Water should never be used. Having been flushed and drained, the system should be filled with fresh Transcal N. Filling is complete when the oil level in the expansion chamber is at 30-45% of the level expected at operating temperature. All air must be completely evacuated from the system before the temperature is raised to operating level. Since mineral oils expand when heated, an expansion chamber must be incorporated in the system. This is the only location where the oil is likely to be in contact with the atmosphere. Despite the excellent oxidation stability of Transcal N, various precautions must be taken to minimise exposure to air, especially if the temperatures of the fluid in the expansion chamber exceed 50ºC, A floating cover can be used or the oil can be blanketed with inert gas. Note: It is quite normal for the oil temperature to be higher than its flash and fire point in a correctly operated heat transfer system fitted with an inert gas blanket. Under the operating conditions, there should not be a combustion risk hazard with the oil. However, the oil should not be operated above the upper bulk temperature limit of 320ºC as recommended above. Excellent heat-transfer properties and consistently high heat-transfer performance. Ease of circulation even when a system is started from cold. Contains all essential characteristics to ensure a long and trouble free service.
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