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High Performance Gear Range
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Castrol Optigear EP Range are mineral oil based high performance gear oils containing Castrols advanced gear oil
system which gives special plastic deformation (PD) and surface improvement characteristics. Performance is further
enhanced with the inclusion of high load carrying additives which mean optiumum load carrying for both gears and
Optigear EP exceeds the minimum requirements according to DIN 51517, part 3, CLP gear oils and also meets the FZG
"Sprungtest" included in the GL5 specification.

In Optigear EP the combination of PD, CLP and the GL5 - FZG "Sprungtest" performance means this product range is
particularly suited for applications where boundary lubrication conditions can occur. These are are most likely found in
gear boxes and bearings which have stop/start motion such as in Robots or Textile machines.
The combination of high performance in the GL5 - FZG "Sprungtest, FE8 bearing test, elastomer compatibility, low friction
makes this range is unique in Industrial gears.

Very high load carrying capacity.
Reduction of the coefficient of friction and temperature.
Extended operating periods even under high loads and speed.
Improvement of the surface quality and smoothing of existing surface damage.
Reduced running-in period or even eliminated.
Extended service life of gears.
Reduced energy, maintenance and disposal costs.
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