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Synthetic gear oils
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Castrol Tribol™ 800 synthetic gear oils have been developed for the lubrication of heavily loaded gears, bushings and
bearings which may operate over a broad range of temperatures from ambient to elevated temperatures (>80°C/176°F).
They are particularly intended to extend the service life of both lubricant and machine parts where unusually high operating
and oil reservoir temperatures are encountered. The high performance characteristics of Tribol 800 are achieved with
select polyalkyleneglycol (PAG) based synthetic fluids. They feature chemical and thermal stability, high viscosity index,
water solubility, and compatibility with metals and elastomers most commonly used in machine construction. The
naturally high resistance to oxidation of the synthetic base fluid is further enhanced by inhibitors. Corrosion protection is
very effective even in the presence of water. Also, a package of high performance additives acts in combination for superior
anti-wear and Extreme Pressure (EP) performance.

The Tribol 800 range is especially suited to reservoirs and circulation systems operating at high temperatures because of
heat generated in severe service or high temperatures in the application. Castrol Tribol 800’s are intended for all types of
heavily loaded gears including spur, bevel and worm gears. Although well suited for all types of gearing and bearings, the
Tribol 800 range is particularly effective in controlling wear and reducing friction between sliding surfaces. In addition, they
possess a high degree of affinity for cupric metal alloys.

Shear stability - the synthetic base offers high viscosity index (VI) without the addition of VI improvers. In service, VI
improvers can shear, lowering oil viscosity and reducing protection critical for gear sets and bearings. The naturally
high VI of Castrol Tribol 800 assures full protection for components over a wide range of operating temperatures,
speeds, and load conditions.
Long life, extended drain intervals are possible because of the natural aging and oxidation resistance of the
synthetic base fluid. Advanced Castrol Tribol lubrication technology forms friction-fighting, anti-wear films that can
significantly reduce local operating temperatures as gear teeth or bearing surfaces come into contact.
More protection for components in severe service. The extended EP performance of Tribol 800 offers protection
beyond the capabilities of conventional petroleum oils.
Wear protection under conditions of extreme temperature fluctuation and high loads.
High efficiency and lower oil temperature, especially in worm gear units.
High corrosion protection of cast and steel surfaces through special additive packages, even in the presence of
Compatibility with non-ferrous metals through well-formulated synergistic additives.
Potential energy savings as a result of a lower coefficient of friction.
Reduction of maintenance costs as a result of significantly increased life of the lubricant.

Additional Information
Tribol 800 synthetic gear oils are water soluble, so spills may be cleaned up with water. They are NOT compatible with mineral (petroleum) based lubricants. Condensation water may be absorbed without the damage of corrosion or a change in viscosity. Cleaning lubrication systems with a flushing oil or Tribol 800 prior to the first filling is recommended. To achieve long drain cycles and obtain the economic advantages, systems must be free of contaminants. The Tribol 800 range is compatible with most seals including Viton A and nitrile or Buna N (NBR). 800’s are NOT compatible with neoprene (polychloroprene) and butadiene seals - mixed polymers, stryenebutadienes, polystyrene, or methacrylates.
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