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Circulating oils
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Castrol Magna CTX (previously called Magna™ MGX and Energol™ MGX) circulating oil range are based upon high
quality solvent-refined mineral oils and performance enhancing additives.
The Magna CTX range provides high oil film strength, outstanding rust protection, antiwear, antiscuff, anti-oxidation and
water separating properties.
Magna CTX circulating oils are engineered for use in MORGOIL back-up roll bearing systems such as those
manufactured by Morgan Construction Company, Danieli, SMS Demag and others. These oils meet or exceed:
  • Morgoil Lubricant Specification Rev. 1.1 (27 Jan 2005)
  • Danieli Standard 0.000.001 Rev 14

Magna CTX 88 is also recommended for high speed No-Twist™ Rod Mills with a single lubricant circulating system.
In No-Twist Rod Mills having two lubricating systems, the higher viscosity grades are used in the low speed roughing
stands and the lighter grades in the higher speed finishing stands.
The higher viscosity grades of this product are also very suitable to be used as paper machine lubricants, due to the
high thermal/oxidative stability, as well as the outstanding performance in rust protection, water separation and wear/
scuffing protection. In such applications, it functions as a joint bearing/gear lubricant in most lubricating points, including
the rolling bearings of the driers.
Magna CTX circulating oils are also suitable for use on other primary mill and mini-mill bearing application systems.

  • High viscosity indices.
  • Excellent oxidation stability permits extended oil life.
  • Exceptional hydrolytic stability in presence of moisture contamination.
  • Excellent filterability in wet conditions.
  • Excellent water separation properties.
  • Good rust protection properties and low copper corrosion tendency.
  • High film strength and outstanding anti-wear properties to provide high protection against bearing wear and gear scuffing under severe loading conditions.
  • Low carbon forming tendency minimises bearing deposits and helps to maintain oil cleanliness under severe operating conditions.
  • Efficient filtration with all types of filters, including those using fuller's earth as filtering medium.

All packages should be stored under cover. Where outside storage is unavoidable drums should be laid horizontally to avoid the possible ingress of water and the obliteration of drum markings. Products should not be stored above 60°C, exposed to hot sun or freezing conditions. This product was previously called Magna MGX Range and Energol MGX Range. The name was changed in 2015.
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